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to be fair

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26to be fair  - Page 2 Empty Re: to be fair on Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:13 am

xxxNERDKILLERxxx wrote:[19:19:54 15/11/13] star : a
[19:22:41 15/11/13] star : I want to make more Internet friends
[19:22:45 15/11/13] star : but I don't know where to start
[19:23:14 15/11/13] @ shiba inu : you can start how i did
[19:23:48 15/11/13] @ shiba inu : be a naive fucktard and think you're friends with people on an online forum who will eventually stab you in the back
[19:25:53 15/11/13] star : was that really nessecary
[19:26:30 15/11/13] @ shiba inu : that's how it happened to me

where you at le dogeman

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27to be fair  - Page 2 Empty Re: to be fair on Mon Dec 30, 2013 3:30 am

xxxNERDKILLERxxx wrote:
Corgi wrote:
FlamingDinner wrote:That's totally why you dressed up as a merchure torture porn fan brony to get in

Whatever it takes to get in
i am going to grab you by your soft infant like melon head and fucking squeeze and drive my thumbs through your fucking eyesockets until i can scrape my nails off on your lesioned malformed peabrain and i'll latch my teeth onto your fucking potato nose and chew until your face oozes black blood like a rusty broken down piece of shit yugoslav car, FD you damn jugeared slothman just shut the fuck up if you aspire so fucking badly to insult people, do it right you pallid walking abortion.

i found this site again just to say something and this is what it will be.
le dogman defener
im with and against no one
just naive as fuck and i truly know nothing of anyone.
supporting whoever is probably better than the other in the argument.

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